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Exclamation no power under load

Last week i saw a 2000 R6 for sale with 8500 miles on it. I took it for a test ride and it Started right up and drove smooth down the road. After feeling more comfortable on it and 3 miles down the road I gave it full throttle from 60 up to 120mph about 3 times and it loved it. After I got it home I zip tied some flopping wires un-hitched all the turn signals, (making a track bike ) checked the air filter, and put back on the induction tubes. After that I decided to go for a ride. Started right up, idles smooth. But when I ride it from 1-3k rpm it's OK but above, it dies out and I have to put the choke on half way just to move. Every once in a while it will take right off like normal then die down again. I put in a new fuel filter and K100 additive with 93 non-ethanol but no change yet. At first it takes off and brings up the front wheel then it start almost like it's skipping. Surges forward then skips again. But when I'm in the driveway I can twist the throttle all the way and bring it to 14k rpm no problem. Only when I ride it does it have the problem. I sprayed a little water on the header pipes and it drys off quick so it must be firing on all cylinders. Any ideas? Fuel pump? Bad coil? Fouled plug?

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